Breaking Enigma For PS4/PS5

I am proud to announce that we have porting Breaking Enigma to the PlayStation.

This is not the same as the mobile version. There are many enhancements including new play modes and visuals.

Current state – With Sent FQA.

This will be released in all regions.

Happy Monday!

Breaking Enigma Lite – Available now

Breaking Enigma Lite(Free Version).

Android Free

iOS Free

Breaking Enigma (Paid Version).

Android Paid

iOS Paid

Breaking Enigma (Web Version with limited frame rate)

Release trailer

Breaking Enigma Public Beta Is Now Live

Beta access is restricted to the first 1,00 user registrations. Register at

First 100 beta user will get the app free. Request your discount code using Free Beta

Chane log

Beta build 1 A9(0.1)
–Bug Fixes–
Fixed initial screen scale (Only starts in portrait and scales correctly)
Fixed rotation bug (1 second delay added before you can switch to landscape)
–New Additions —
Changed skip into to be enabled after 2 seconds

Beta build 1 A8(0.1)
Initial beta release – 10 level loop system

Version Alpha 7 (0.4) Changes
— Bug Fixes —
High score screen was still scaling wrong. This is now fixed.
Fixed issue where the added level counter to game over screen caused a crash.

Version Alpha 6 (0.4) Changes
— Bug Fixes —
Cleaned up all font rendering (much cleaner and easier to read).
— New Additions —
Added level counter to main GUI.
Added level counter to game over screen.

Version Alpha 5 (0.4) Changes
— Bug Fixes —
Fixed player preferences causing the menu to be un responsive.

Version Alpha 4 (0.4) Changes
— Bug Fixes —
Fixed high score screen scaling issue.
Fixed game over screen missing score issue.

Version Alpha 3 (0.4) Changes
— Bug Fixes–
Landscape Left scaling issue resolved.
Hi Score Menu Scaling fixed.
–New Additions–
Added paddle selection highlighting.
Added personal best to high score screen.

Version Alpha 2 (0.4) Changes
— Bug Fixs V2(0.4) —
Rotation landscape Left scaling issue resolved.
— New Additions —
Grid trail for multi ball objects.

Version Alpha 1 (0.2) Changes
Initial release with 10 level loop system.